BALHVIT Solar Outdoor Light


UPDATE: Due to increased media attention, the BALHVIT is selling very fast.


Here's The Whole Thing Start With:

One night when I was taking out the trash, I was tripped on a Honeysuckle plant creeping into the driveway. Hearing a scream, my husband Carlen ran outside and found me laying on the ground, groaning and rubbing my hip in the dark.

“The pain was bad,” I recalls. “But the embarrassment was worse.

My hip, thankfully, wasn’t broken. But my doctor told me to stay off my feet for at least two weeks — all because of a dark, unlit yard.

“That fall,” I said. “Finally made us realize how dark and ugly our yard was at night. It wasn’t just hazardous, it made our home less secure 
and lowered the property value !” “We knew we had to do something to improve the safety and appearance of our home.”

And immediately started looking into the “usual outdoor lighting “solutions.
That’s when the real nightmare began.

 “I called a custom lighting company and they wanted to charge $12,000 to install yard lights! Way out of our budget. So we went to the hardware store and purchased those battery-powered lights, what a waste of money. Within two weeks, they’d completely stopped working.”

Running out of options, I had a tough choice to make: spend a fortune getting custom lights installed or settle for a dark, dangerous yard.

But we was about to get our answer across the street… literally.

While driving home one night, I noticed that my neighbor, Cathy, had a beautifully-lit front yard that really made her home stand-out. When I stopped to take a closer look, I saw strange-looking wireless discs illuminating Lisa’s entire yard, driveway, and garden.

The next morning, I gave her neighbor a call. “I told her about my fall and how we’d struggled to find decent outdoor lights,” I said. “Then I asked about the weird discs I’d seen in her yard.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Cathy blurted out: “Hold on, I’ll be right over.”

“What did she trying to do?”
“Come and show me her “Magic” or….?

10 minutes later, Cathy was standing on my front porch, holding a small box. While they talked, Cathy stuck five of those discs into the ground — three along the walkway to my porch and two alongside the driveway.

“Trust me,” said Cathy. “You’ll love these lights. Just wait for the sun to set and you’ll see for yourself. You don’t have to do a thing.”

“She wasn’t kidding,” I said. “Later that night, those discs just ‘magically’ switched-on by themselves and lit-up my entire yard with bright, beautiful light. My garden looked amazing!”

I called for Carlen to come outside and he noticed the difference right away. “It looks like a brand-new house,” he said, impressed with how much light was radiating from the ground.The box, labeled ‘BALHVIT’, was still on the porch where my neighbor had left it.

Thanks Cathy for sharing such an extraordinary solution. We talked about how much safer we felt in our homes with well-lit yards — not to mention how much pride we took in showcasing our beautiful gardens.


BALHVIT is a wireless, 100% solar-powered device that can be installed in 10 minutes and generates bright, beautiful light to illuminate any outdoor space. Made with “smart solar” technology, BALHVIT charges in the sun all day and turns on automatically when it gets dark.

The innovative “Weather discrimination” technology sensor turns them off again at daybreak, so there’s literally no maintenance. BALHVIT can easily be re-positioned anywhere you choose and its IP44-graded housing is 100% Weather-Resistant in all climates. BALHVIT is an ideal solution for anyone who cares about home safety, beauty, and property value.


Unlike traditional outdoor lights, BALHVIT doesn’t require a constant bulb or battery replacement and isn’t wired to any outlet, so it won’t drain electricity or leave wires exposed. It’s safer, easier, brighter, and more affordable than conventional store-bought lights.

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use: simply attach the included stakes to each BALHVIT disc and pop them into the ground. Once the sun sets, your property is automatically lit up with dazzling light that shines bright all night long.

“I can’t believe how amazing my yard looks after installing these!
It changes my yard forever!

We’ve seen dozens of stellar reviews pour in from happy customers, but we wanted to give BALHVIT a personal thumbs up, so we tested it for ourselves.

We ordered 6 boxes (they arrived later that week) and kept a careful eye on how they worked.

Week 1:

This product interested me because I’d tried electric lights and hated the hassle and expense of changing bulbs & batteries or dealing with wires. I wanted to see if BALHVIT was as simple and effective as I’d read in the reviews. So, when the package arrived we installed BALHVIT along the pathways in our backyard (the whole process took about 15 minutes).

RESULT: After it got dark, I stepped onto the back porch and was instantly blown away! All the lights had switched-on automatically and were illuminating the entire backyard with bright, beautiful light. As I walked the pathways, I was impressed not only with the quality of light but how sleek and elegant the BALHVIT discs looked in the ground.

Week 2:

Up next, our front yard. I’ve spent countless hours transforming our yard into a succulent garden, and I wanted to see if these lights would display my plants to full effect. What’s great about BALHVIT is the versatility: since there’s no wires to conceal and no batteries to replace, you can literally stick them anywhere. I placed them in-between my Agave plants and waited for the sun to go down.

RESULT: Well, later that night when I stepped out my front door, I think I fell in love with these lights. Nestled amongst my succulents, they radiated light upwards and made the colors ‘pop’ like I’d never seen before. My yard was glowing! These BALHVIT LEDs create a brilliant, vivid light — our entire property looked stunning.

Week 3:

After using these lights for 3 weeks, I’m convinced they’re the ultimate outdoor lighting solution. There’s absolutely no maintenance and they stay bright night after night, rain or shine.

NOTE: BALHVIT is 100% solar-powered, so it won’t drain electricity or spike your utility bills. My home looks stunning, it was super-easy to install, and there’s no hassle. We’re actually ordering 4 more boxes because it makes our home look so good.

Here Are The Specifics!

I wholeheartedly give the BALHVIT solar LED light a big THUMBS UP!

Is There Any Downside To BALHVIT Solar Outdoor Light?

YES, the “downside” is that they are selling like crazy. Thousands and thousands of sets per week.
BALHVIT blew my expectations away, and I can say it’s well worth the hype. I haven’t seen anything on the market this effective, easy, and affordable — this is a game changer! If you want to dramatically improve your home’s safety, beauty, and “curb appeal,” I strongly recommend trying BALHVIT for yourself.

Where Can I Buy BALHVIT?

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