PETNOZ Beach Tent

UPDATE: Due to increased media attention, the PETNOZ is selling very fast.

“Weatherproof is the draw, and it’s not as expensive as you might think!”

Written and photography. (30th.May.2021)

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Here Are The Use Results From February 2021 Till Now.

As I’m a father of 3 kids, the outdoor life is the most having-fun activity that I’ve been doing with my kids(two boys & 1 girl). Years for the faimly time of those tents we used before, now the time is no more. Kids were complain about the tents we used since a fews bad experience at ourdoor. I mean Who wants to stay in a tiny “Steamer” with absolutly no wind? or just watching it to fall apart after the pouring rain?? After that, I’ve used almost every type of tent that exist… and I might know how important great tent is.

We knew that we needed a solution to this problem that seems to haunt us every beach trip. However, when my brother Aken told me to give a try to the brand spanking new PETNOZ beach tent which he has already order two from official website. I wasn’t too excited.

“Ummm… Okay then”
“Just another tent”

Three days later since I Place my order and it’s came up right in front of me. I was impressed with the careful packaging and the fast shipping too. so I unboxed them immediately.

I had seen lots of beach tents, but the PETNOZ had a quality look and feel. They were made of high quality composite waterproof cloth material and carefully constructed. Finely touch feel and smooth way better to the others. I was already impressed.

“WOW~” The PETNOZ beach tent and fitting were such delicate. I rushed to backyard with it and said to them “Look what I got , kids!” just minutes later the PETNOZ was set up by them and I was just on my way back with the menu.

Looks like them built it good. Even I swing the bracket for the safety, it stand steadily and doesn’t loose at all.

I was highly impressed. Almost all thetent I had used before were too Complicated, bulky and looked weird, and easy fall apart when strong wind blowing at beach. The PETNOZ on the other hand, looked great, were the right size for my family, very light weight and easy to carry.


"The Real Test" - How Did PETNOZ Works In The Outdoor?

As the experience about the others tents I used before and verified the PETNOZ too, we start up our trip right at the weekend. (Because I can stiil get my refund with 100% within 30 days if it’s not as good as I was expect.)  So we start the pickup trucks and heading to beach.

For the path of few years, we were using some heavy/complicated tents, The only place to carry them was the rear bucket. But the PETNOZ doesn’t, we thought that might forget to bring the PETNOZ with us when we reach the beach, cause it’s such lightweight and portable, my little son can just hold it alone without asking me for help like before.

“These were no ordinary set.
These were a whole new breed of tent Combine with lightweight fitting and portable bag.

So, I start to set the PETNOZ up on beach (quickly, we fill up with sand and put up four brackets). by the time we had already enjoy the beach time for a while, some of the “beach neighbors” were still worry about how to get their tent more stable.

Thanks to the large capacity of PETNOZ, We were able to easily fit 6 beach chairs under the tent, and the kids loved being able to sit under the shade, digging in the sand, the UPF 50+maximum sun protection keep them away from having the sun in their faces. My wife doesn’t even need to use her sunscreen anymore. It’s so unbelievable.

Weatherproof. If the weather turns on you, have no fear, it’s water resistant and very easy to clean. Making me worry no more.

And the high-quality tough fabric with an amazing presence. Overlock stitching encloses the seam and stops the fabric from fraying. It survive at strong winds or heavy rain.

Provides 100 square feet of shade shelter.

Strech out in the shade and the 10 x 10 foot PETNOZ canopy large capacity, that’s available room for the whole familyon the sunniest days! My family instantly approved. They didn’t use this term before, but the PETNOZ beach tent were simply AMAZING.

I Found My Family Use PETNOZ Almost Every Outdoor Time!


And guess what? From the first time we use PETNOZ till now, my friends were love to go camping and party with it(with me too, LOL). Feels inconvenient no more when setting up the tent. soon, they change their tent into PETNOZ too and some friends call us “The PETNOZ Team”.

““Man, these things were a win-win situation.
The price was amazing, the quality was high, and the applicability was impress.”

Here Are The Specifics!

I wholeheartedly give the PETNOZ beach tent a big THUMBS UP!

Here are the details:

1.Sun Safe UPF 50+. Stretch out in the shade. The 10 x 10-foot PETNOZ canopy provides 100 square feet of shade shelter on the sunniest days. That’s room for the whole family!

2.Water Resistance. If the weather turns on you, have no fear, it’s water-resistant and easy to clean.

3.Wind-Proof. Overlock stitching encloses the seam and stops the fabric from fraying. It will survive strong winds or anything else you can throw at it.

4.Portable. PETNOZ canopy is small enough to fit in a carry bag, which makes it the best portable beach canopy.

5.Bigger Sandbag. You can use more beach sand for anchoring, which means you don’t have to tote around extra weight.

6.Bags Of Equipment. No sand or rocks to weigh you down, no worries – we got you covered with 4 pegs for the grass.

Is There Any Downside To PETNOZ Beach Tent?

YES, the “downside” is that they are selling like crazy. Thousands and thousands of sets per week. They may sell out before you can snag yours, so get to the official website RIGHT NOW and get the bargain of the year!

Here are the main pros & cons:
 Easy setup
 Superb product quality
 Long-lasting material
 Currently On Discount
 Not sold on Amazon or in shops (see green button below for sale)

Where Can I Buy PETNOZ?

This is the only official site. DO NOT BUY ANYWHERE ELSE. Get the REAL THING. Buy the well-engineered, PREMIUM QUALITY PETNOZ beach tent, and get all the advances and new features built into them.

You get everything you need in the package. Carrying Bag x 1 ; Aluminum Poles x 4 ; Lycra Fabric Canopy x 1 ; Sand Shovel x 1 ; Pegs for Grass x 4 ; Elastic Cords x 4 all included!