FreshSeal™ Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer
FreshSeal™ Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer has a more powerful and quieter motor that can generate up to -70KPA of suction, which is very suitable for food preservation. FreshSeal™ Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer is your best choice. If you want to extend...
$178.00 from $89.00
Food Vacuum Sealed Roll Bags
Easy to vacuum and sealEmbossed Micro Channel design makes it efficient for vacuuming and sealingAir and waterproof material prevent leaking and freezer burn.
$15.00 from $13.00
7-Piece Food Storage Container Sealed With Easy-Lock Lid Without BPA
【Newly improved lids】These lids are made of highly impact-resistant and durable ABS plastic, which means you don’t need to worry about the lid breaking. In addition, the lid locking mechanism can ensure 100% airtightness, thereby ensuring maximum freshness and extended...
$119.00 $79.00
Small food vacuum machine with external pumping function
【Vacuum sealing to keep food fresh】The food vacuum sealing machine uses a 60kPa vacuum pump to easily suck air in and shrink the packaging bag to keep the food in a vacuum environment and make the food storage volume smaller,...
$89.00 $59.00
AS Safe And Odor-Free Plastic Fresh-Keeping And Moisture-Proof Food Container
Main Features Vacuum Preservation. Use the manual inflator to create a vacuum environment, which makes the food fresher, more delicious, and healthier. Baby Safe Material. The fresh-keeping box is made of ABS baby-grade environmentally friendly materials, which is non-toxic and...
$15.00 from $13.00
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BPA-Free Multilayer Construction Food Vacuum Zipper Bags(50 Mouts )
Made of PE/PA which is 100% food grade plastic, durable, and can be reusable and resealable several times, used for food storage and cooking. Double-layer zippers allow the vacuum bag to seal closely for a longer time. You can make...
$29.00 from $27.00
Small Wet and Dry Automatic Food Sealing Machine (can be pumped outside)
【Five Sealing Modes】Dry/Moist/Point/Outer/Seal, universal lock fresh. Dried grains(dry pumping): moisture-proof; Fresh fish (wet pumping): prevent odor; Fresh fruits and vegetables (dry/wet pumping):anti-oxidation; Crispy snacks (manual sealing): prevent scattering; Soft bread (point pumping): extend freshness; Red wine &vacuum tank (external pumping):anti-oxidation....
$99.00 $69.00
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