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The wine bottle stopper has a built-in intelligent electronic sensing system. Load 2 AAA batteries (Need to buy), press the vacuum sealer into the bottle, please press down hard. The blue indicator lights up and starts working. This will immediately trigger the sensor switch to automatically draw a vacuum. After the completion of air extraction, the blue indicator light goes out.


The wine stopper will automatically detect the air pressure inside the bottle constantly. When the pressure leakage of the load in the bottle exceeds -0.01mpa, the electronic red wine plug will empty the gas in the bottle repeatedly by itself to maintain the vacuum state in the bottle, so as to truly achieve a good fresh-keeping effect.


STEP 1 - Press the wine stopper down to the mouth of the bottle, the rubber part needs to be pressed into the bottle, and the wine stopper will automatically start working

STEP 2 - When the vacuum is running normally, the indicator light will show the blue breathing light. When the vacuum in the bottle is exhausted, the blue light will stay on for 5 seconds and then go out

STEP 3 - The wine stopper will automatically detect the air pressure in the wine bottle continuously. When the negative pressure inside the wine bottle leaks to -0.01MPA, it can automatically perform repeated vacuuming



When the electronic wine stopper is in the working state, when the tilt of the bottle reaches 45 degrees, the anti-pour function will be triggered, and the electronic wine stopper will automatically stop pumping and remind you. This can avoid the malfunction of the liquor flowing back to the inside of the cork due to the continued pumping after the bottle tilts. When the bottle returns to a tilt of fewer than 45 degrees, the cork system restarts pumping.


The electronic wine stopper is made of ABS food-grade silicone material, which guarantees safety and hygiene. The energy of the LED battery reminder can be controlled in real-time. For family and friends gatherings, after candlelight dinners, your wine can be efficiently pumped and sealed in one step, and freshness is locked. After the red wine is vacuumed and kept fresh, please drink it within 7 days.

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Electric Wine Stoppers
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