SL® Electronic Anti Snore Device Prevents Sleeping Snoring
  • EASY TO USE: Unlike traditional nostril-inserted snoring devices, this snoring device uses a wrist-worn device to prevent and reduce snoring more convenient and acceptable.

  • PRACTICAL GADGETS: continuous use of this snoring device can effectively alleviate and reduce the habit of snoring, so that breathing is smooth, reducing the risk of cessation of breathing, suffocation.

  • WORKING PRINCIPLE: This simple wristwatch has an automatic biosensor to detect snoring and stimulates your wrist with a gentle electric pulse to adjust your mouth and open your jaw to stop snoring.

  • SAFER WRIST-TYPE: This wrist-worn snoring device is more efficient and scientific. The traditional insertion of the nose-type snoring device will bring Unsanitary and damage to the nostrils.

  • ANTI SNORE WRISTBAND:No need to put anything on or on the nose! This natural, non-invasive technique can solve all your problem problems! Simple armbands improve sleep quality.


Working principle:

The pulse is stable without affecting normal sleep. If any button is pressed during sleep, it will not be affected.Automatically detect and hit sn.It will automatically shut down after 8 hours of activation. Stylish watch-shaped design. Compact size, easy to store and portable.The specially designed bio-sensor of snore stopper can detect and distinguish loud snores.When three consecutive loud snores are detected it sends out a very gentle electrical wave to the snorer this kind of light stimulation doesn't wake.Bionic detection technology, infrared physical therapy, non-toxic, non-invasive treatment.

What are its advantages?

Normal use, sleep well, breathe smoothly, sleep well by yourself, sleep well in family members, no longer have dry mouth and tongue, dry throat and itchy throat, full of energy.

Breathing smoothly, no longer being awakened, sleepiness symptoms disappeared during the day, clear thinking, and work efficiency improved tomorrow.

No sleepiness during the day, no dizziness, no eyesight, no sore legs, no pain, full body vigor, chest tightness caused by snoring, palpitation, instability, blood pressure, and irregular heart rate symptoms disappear.


Size: 10 * 7 * 3 CM

Color: Black

Power: per 1 xAAA Battery (Not included)