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CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: UV Light Sanitizer Wand is easy to carry in your bag or even pocket. Very convenient to bring when you are traveling, dining out, working in the office or every day at home.

WIDE APPLICATION: UV Light Sanitizer wand can be used on Laptops, Keyboards, Cellphones, Remote Controls, Door handles, Steering wheels, Mugs, Plates, Baby Bottle, Toys, Toothbrush, Clothing, Shoes, etc.

USB RECHARGEABLE: UV Wand Sanitizer contains a built-in lithium battery that gets charged quickly and it can be used about 45 times(per 2 minutes of each use) until the next charge is needed. NOTE: Please be advised that charging might be required before first use.

EASY OPERATION: Simply pull up the top of the UV Wand and hold the touch switch for two seconds until the green light indicator turns on. The UVC Wand Sanitizer will automatically turn off when the top is pressed down.

DISINFECTION EFFICIENCY: Ultraviolet Light is scientifically proven to get rid of Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses. UV Light Sanitizer Wand disinfection rate is up to 99.9% and without chemical smell and residue.
Does It Work?
All UV HG™ devices are tested in ISO certified microbiology labs here in the US and have been demonstrated to be effective in killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Is It Safe?
There have been numerous laboratory studies conducted on UV-C sanitizing devices that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness to be used as a disinfectant. UV-C sanitizers are used across a variety of industries like hotels, hospitals, schools, and food manufacturers to maintain a sterilized environment. When following the instructions outlined in the product manual, UV HG™ devices are safe to use. *Do note that the sanitizer should never be directly exposed to eyes and/or skin, as this may cause irritation.

Our Guarantee
HG™ is a leading manufacturer of UV-C sanitizing devices. We FREE 7 - 15 days Free shipping and with each purchase, we offer a 1-year warranty. HG™ is sold exclusively online through our website
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