3 Temperature Adjustable Electric Rechargeable Heated Socks(With Power Bank)
  • 【2020 Newest Li-ion Battery 4800mAh】 Our heated socks battery longer than competitor's 2200mAh and can work 7-18 hours (101℉- 136℉). The electric modules warm the blood on your bottom instep to warm your entire foot.

  • 【3-Level Temperature Settings (101℉- 136℉)】High [heat 7-8h], Medium [heat 10-12h] & Low [heat 14-18h]. The heated socks get warm in about 1 minute. (WARM REMINDER: Long high-temperature heating will hurt your feet, please turn down the heating temperature gradually while using.)

  • 【Comfortable Heated Socks for Men Women:】The heated socks are made of thick fabric cotton, they’re unbelievably soft and comfortable! Free size (US Size 4-12) suitable for most American men and women.

  • 【Multi-purpose】 Rechargeable battery electric heated socks for men is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities such as lounging, fishing, camping, snowboarding, hunting, hiking.Your best Camping & Hiking Equipment.

  • Size Chart

Some people (including us) have feet that are always cold, no matter how many pairs of good wool socks you wear, sometimes it’s just not going to be enough. Sometimes you need a little technology on your side. So whether you want to stay warm for a long football tailgate, a morning of shoveling snow in the driveway, a hunting trip, or a brisk walk around town, add a new pair of these heated socks to your outfit to keep your feet feeling like they're resting next to a fireplace. Not to mention, If you enjoy Hiking / Winter camping / Outdoor work / Motorcycle riding / Fishing / Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. This rechargeable electric heated socks can really help you out!


Unisex Heated Socks with Free Size

Free size (US Size 4-12) suitable for most American men and women.

Best Christmas gift

Heated socks are a perfect gift in winter for your family & friends.

Long Last 4800mAh Battery

Our Heated socks made with 80% cotton , 10% polyester ,10% Elastane material. Supreme quality thick material used to keep the socks warm and breathable with elastic sewing for comfortable movement.

Washing Instruction

For safety, hand wash is recommended. Some washing machines might damage the inside heated element, if machine wash recommend to drag them in a sack bag to wash it.

Make sure to take out the batteries. Otherwise the battery will be damage.

When cleaning, do not overexert the socks in order to prevent short circuit causing the heating elements are worn away.

Don't wring out the socks, also don’t use the machine to dry socks, just wind dry them with clothing clip.

Drying socks and sureing wire sockets dry completely.

Unisex Heated Socks with Free Size

Free Size (US Size 4-12) Suitable For Most American Men And Women.


Color: Black / Grey

Voltage: 3.7 V

Fabric: 80% cotton, 10% polyester, 10% Elastane material

Heated Area: Bottom instep

Battery Capacity: 4800 mAh

Charging Time: 2 Hours



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