2-In-1 Retractable Ice Scraper And Snow Removal Brush
  • 【FAST & EFFICIENT SNOW REMOVAL】- This snow brush with ice scraper works great on swiftly and effortlessly removing ice, snow, leaves, frost, droppings on windshield, hood, roof, tires, trunks and more, without causing damage or scratch to paint.

  • 【DECENT QUALITY】- Our snow brush consists of a robust PP shovel that is resistant to cold, a brush head with soft dense PVC bristles and an adjustable iron rod with comfy foam handle.

  • 【DETACHABLE & ROTATABLE】- This ice scraper with a rotatable brush head can break up into 3 separate parts ( a brush, a scraper and a rod), which can be easily put into trunk or a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

  • 【EXTENDABLE & ERGONOMIC】- It can extend up to 31.4 inch. Foam handle provides comfortable grip while brush with soft bristles causes NO damage or scratches to vehicle paint.

  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Works efficiently on getting rid of snow, ice, frost, and leaves on windshield and removing dust out of your house.


MHB 3-in-1 snow brush is your smart choice

Winter car shovel ice snow removal tools, elimination of ice, snow and frost on the window glass or water, snow cleaning car body.The extensible design makes hard-to-reach areas easy to clean. It is long enough for SUV,Car,Truck.With it at ease travel! Can also be used to gifts to your family and friends.


  • Snow brush to remove snow on your car easily.
  • Ice scraper on opposite end for removing ice and frost from windshield or windows.Just warm up your engine a bit before clearing your car.
  • The 4-inch ice scraper on opposite end features jaws made out of extra thick plastic and a flat ice scraper.Use the jaws to break up ice.
  • Then use the scraper to the remove it.

Why choose us?

  • 3-in1 Design.Features double rows of thick plush bristles for removal of heavy snow. Built in ice chippers break up tough ice and the wide blade easily clears away any frost.
  • Extend your Reach.Auto-locking telescoping pole adjusts from 25 in to 31 in to extend reach.Ideal for SUVs, trucks, and vans.
  • Brush head can swivel 360 degrees,T-Shape snow brushallowing you to brush at various horizontal angles, Limit your time by removing snow and ice.

Layered Bristles

Three rows of brush bristles are sturdy at the base and soft on the ends, providing a strong base without damaging vehicle body panels.

Patented Joint Buckle Design

The brush and scraper can be detached and function independently. The joint buckle is made of high-strength plastics.

Anti-Scratch Ice Knuckles

The knuckles on the back of the scraper will break up large chunks of ice, making scraping your windshield even easier.

Extend Your Reach

Extends from 25" to 31" for longer reach.Easily reach the middle of your windshield or the middle of your car roof.Extend your Reach.Auto-locking telescoping pole adjusts from 25 in to 31 in to extend reach.Ideal for SUVs, trucks, and vans.

Foam Grip

Comfortable foam grip promotes a secure hold, even when wearing gloves or mittens.

Curved Pole & Non-slip Groove

Innovative design featuring a curved pole makes scraping and snow removal easier.

The non-slip groove design enhances the grip of the hand.

Weight:0.88 Pounds(400 Grams)
Length: 25" - 31"(64 - 80cm)
Brush Leangth:9.45 in (24cm)
Scraper Leangth:4 in (10cm)
Material:PVC bristle+EVA grip+Aluminium tube+Polypropylene