Smart Electric Heating Pants For Men And Women USB Charging Heating Pants Winter Plus Velvet Thickening Detachable(No Power Bank)
  • Pocket reflective design, more secure night travel.

  • The control button can be pasted inside or outside the pocket.

  • Two-piece outer trousers liner, inner liner plus velvet thickening, zipper detachable liner design, outer trousers can be worn alone, and one trouser can be worn more than one.

  • USB power bank interface, four heating zones, fast heating in 5 seconds.

  • Three levels of temperature control, the low temperature level is around 25-35℃, the middle level level is around 35-45℃, and the high level level is around 45-55℃.

  • Can be washed without damaging the structure, and can be folded without deformation.

  • Water-repellent fabric and elastic spandex fabric are used to prevent light rain from soaking the clothes outdoors, which can adapt to the large movements of the body and stretch freely. It is breathable and comfortable.

  • Size Chart


Material: Cashmere,Polyester

Color: Black、Camouflage

Types: women, men

Suitable season: winter

Power by: USB port power Bank(not included)

Heating part: women Abdomen, knees; men Back waist, knees

Gear: 3(25℃- 35℃, 35℃-45℃,45℃-55℃,)

Long endurance: 10000 мa = 8 hours



Size L:Length 39.57in ; Hip 41.73in; Waist 31.49in

Size XL:Length 40.55in ; Hip 43.30in; Waist 33.07in

Size 2XL:Length 41.33in ; Hip 44.88in; Waist 34.65in

Size 3XL:Length 42.12n ; Hip 46.45in; Waist 36.22in

Size 4XL:Length 42.91in ; Hip 48.03in; Waist 37.79in

Size 6XL:Length 43.50in ; Hip 51.18in; Waist 40.94in

Size 8XL:Length 45.47in ; Hip 52.75in; Waist 44.09in


Size M:Length 38.58in ; Hip 39.37in; Waist 27.55in

Size L:Length 39.37in ; Hip 40.94in; Waist 29.13in

Size XL:Length 40.15in ; Hip 42.51in; Waist 30.70in

Size 2XL:Length 40.94in ; Hip 44.09in; Waist 32.28in

Size 3XL:Length 41.73in ; Hip 45.66in; Waist 33.95in

Size 5XL:Length 42.32in ; Hip 48.81in; Waist 37.00in

Size 7XL:Length 42.91in ; Hip 51.96in; Waist 40.15in